Ditch  work stress and transition to next steps

in your career

Here's what I believe

I believe everyone deserves to pursue their passion and work in a career that sustains and fulfills them.


It hurts me when I hear that someone feel stuck at their job or working in a role that doesn't make them feel valued and impactful.


My mission is to help career driven individuals get crystal clear on what they really want to achieve and take action to get there. I want you to look forward to Monday morning and say goodbye to work anxiety forever. 

When we truly embrace our purpose, we become less stressed & anxious, more creative & adaptable, and ultimately better human beings; better partners, parents, and friends.

I can help you feel fulfilled in your career, and it all starts with the right mindset.


Who's Josh?

I'm a Career Mindset Coach.

I help unfulfilled 9-5ers find their right mindset & achieve their goals.

My Mission: To help individuals like you uncover your PURPOSE, get clear on what you WANT and WHY and take action to achieve them.

My Career(s): I've worked more jobs in the last decade than most people work in their whole life; professional actor, server/bartender, retail manager, reporter for the state newspaper, account manager for a tech-startup, fitness studio manager, yoga & meditation teacher.  

With each role came new responsibilities and skills. I enjoyed each one of them because I had the right mindset. And all of them have slowly led me here, to my calling, to help others find joy in their work and ultimately, their life.

need Career coaching?

Do you...
  • Dread waking up on Monday mornings?

  • Unsure of your goal or purpose for working there?

  • Feel stuck and confused about how to feel better?

  • Your job is affecting your relationships outside of work?

  • Feel under appreciated and undervalued?

  • Wasting your time doing something you don't even like?

  • Feel like you're not making the impact you could be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to find a career where you feel valued, appreciated, and that you're making an impact.

I can help you develop the right mindset so that you can get clarity on what will create a sense of fulfillment in your life, and support you in taking the necessary steps to achieve it.

Are you ready to love your job?


8-Week coaching Program

My unique style of coaching is an effective way to zero in on what's getting in the way from getting the career you really want.

It all starts with creating the right mindset and approach. In this program you will:

  • Destress & cut through the BS

  • Get clear on what you want & why

  • Break through what's been holding you back

  • Take action toward your goals

During the 8 weeks you'll get: 

  • 30-Minute Kick-off Call

  • 8 - 1:1 Coaching Sessions via Zoom

  • Weekly Group Meditation Sessions

  • Email & text support.