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Life Coaching with Josh

Too many people stumble through life thinking that there’s this prescription to ‘the good life’. Getting married, having a high paying job, buying a house, having kids, going on vacation, etc. and if we just do all that then we’re going to be happy.


But what if it’s not the circumstances or "the thing" so much as what you’re doing with it or how you’re relating to it. Just having a car doesn’t make you a good driver - it’s how you’re operating the vehicle that makes you a good driver or not. And you can tell your skill level based on if you’re getting into accidents or not. 

In sessions with me we'll look at your approach to life, relationships, or work and look at the results you're getting to see if we can explore other options to get you better results that will take you where you want to go.

If you'd like to explore whether life coaching with me is the right option for you, follow the link below to schedule a free consultation. 
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