I work with Millennials who
Want to Connect with their purpose and love their life.
Let's explore together. 

What's the Deal?

Listen up Millennial!

Or not, I for one have had enough of listening to what others tell me about what I need to do to live a 'successful' life. Life's too short to stress about what others think, which is why I want to support you in connecting with your inner compass so you can be your own guide.

Mindset coaching is more than just motivational mumbo jumbo. This is an inner exploration!

It's about getting clear on what it is you actually want and taking logical steps to get there. 

I'll also teach you a practical meditation technique so that you can use meditation as a tool to support this inner exploration and alignment and to serve as a solid foundation.

Don't miss the forest
for the trees

Stress Sucks

But I don't need to tell you that...

Many of us get bogged down with all the little (and BIG) stressors in our life. We end up getting fixated on these 'problems' and need up feeling stuck. 

The question we usually get asked is, "What are you going to do about it?"

But I want to know, "How would you like to feel about it?"

Through meditation and mindset coaching you'll discover your own innate creativity and resilience. And it's not that you'll never experience stress again, but you'll know how to navigate through it so it doesn't hold you back from loving life.


Meet Josh

I'm a meditation and mindset coach for millennials interested in living more authentically with greater joy and purpose. 


After spending years chasing other peoples ideas of success I was depressed and anxious. I felt overwhelmed and yet completely stuck in unhelpful thought patterns and habits.

Like many folks, I heard about the benefits of meditation and after a couple of years struggling to learn from apps, books, and retreats, I found a teacher who I understood and resonated with me.

I've spent years studying meditation in the Vedic tradition. Now, I'm sharing what I've learned, I'm living my meditation practice so that others can step into their lives with purpose and joy, just like I have.

How does it work? 

My unique style of coaching is an effective and efficient way to learn meditation and see through unhelpful thoughts that keep us caught in a cycle of stuckness (it's a word now).

Meditation is the training ground for your mindset. Through a daily practice of meditation you'll develop greater clarity, adaptability, and resilience. The big stressors won't feel so intimidating and the little ones might disappear completely.

You need a detailed roadmap and an understanding of how to read it in order to navigate the terrain.

Like anything worth learning, it takes consistent practice and an open mind. But that doesn't mean it has to be stressful or difficult. That's why I'm here, to support you.

I work with folks who are ready to commit to a daily practice of meditation to improve their quality of living. If you're willing to practice meditation 20-minutes a day to feel more grounded, creative, and resourceful, then sign-up for a free coaching session now.