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Career Success Program

  • Destress and cut through the BS
  • Get clear on what you want & why
  • See what's holding you back
  • Make your dreams a reality

If you don't wake up in the morning looking forward to your day, then take a moment and read this page.

Let me ask you something...

When was the last time you promised yourself you'd stop feeling stuck and actually DO SOMETHING to make a positive change to your work life?


Maybe it was the start of the New Year when you made a resolution to go after what you really want.


Maybe it was during lockdown when the stress & anxiety started to pile up and make you feel unfulfilled.


Maybe every night when you go to sleep you think...


  • "Someday I'll update my resume/CV and apply to my dream job."

  • "Someday I'll connect and network with the right people."

  • "Someday I'll figure out how to maintain a good work life balance."

  • "Someday I'll find my dream job."

Only to follow it up with..."But right now I'm just too busy and stressed to even think about it!"

So Instead you...

Keep getting sucked into your busy work and tell yourself, "I don't have time to figure this out now. Besides, I don't even know what I really want!"

And in the evening you scroll mindlessly through your social media or throw on the new popular Netflix show to distract yourself from the uncomfortable feeling of being stuck right where you are.

You keep prioritizing your current work over yourself, even though you're aware that it's starting to impact your relationships and enjoyment in life. And so it continues.

I've been there before too!

It’s frustrating and stressful, and when we're stressed out, it's difficult to really feel focused and motivated to work toward a different way of being. But here’s the good news. It can all be corrected, we can get ourselves back on track and it all starts with the right mindset. 

You’re not alone in the struggle of wanting to change and yet... not changing, thinking about the Resume / CV but not actually doing it, hating your job, dreading the work and feeling lost about how to escape that vicious cycle. We’ve all been there, and I feel you!

I know what it’s like to want to change, to want progress, to want something BETTER, only to get sucked back into the "real work" of what others (clients/boss/work/etc.) want you to do. 

And then you get on social media and start comparing yourself to others who seem to be loving what they do. Which only makes things work cause you're not even sure what you REALLY WANT or WHY. The choices seem overwhelming and it leaves you in analysis paralysis, and not actually working out what you actually want in your career. 


But hear me out!

There's a way of living that does exist beyond feeling stressed, overworked, burnt-out as a corporate professional! Always working, but at the same time worried that you're just wasting your life in this role, and that your not making a difference!


There's a way of living that feels balanced and enjoyable, one you'll actually look forward to waking up and on Monday morning. A life where you feel valued & motivated, focused & adaptable. 

That life does exist, 

Just imagine...

  • Doing a job you feel proud of, that has value, and makes an impact. Instead of feeling like you're only working to pay the bills. On the hamster wheel, month in, month out. 

  • If you had the life balance you wanted. Where you felt in control of your job and truly able to enjoy time with your family and friends.

  • Actually enjoying your vacation time! Instead of thinking and worrying about playing catch-up at work. And no more Sunday scaries.

  • Having a job without the stress of office politics and toxic colleagues. Being able to work without feeling depressed or anxious about what's in store for tomorrow.. 

  • Feel in control, competent, & &content. To actually be doing a job where you are fulfilled and motivated.

  • Loving Monday mornings, having peace of mind. Waking up happy and pumped to go to work!

Get off the hamster wheel and get some CLARITY about WHAT you really want to spend your life doing and WHY and then take action to make it happen!

I can lend a hand.

Career Success Coaching Program


Where are you now?

What's working what's not?

What do you really want and why?



What are your strengths?

What are your goals?

What's holding you back?


Create the right approach.

Take appropriate next steps.

Practice makes progress.


By the end of our 8 weeks together you will have the right mindset, tools, approach and strategies to FINALLY get the career you want. You will be more fulfilled and content at work, and you'll have acquired a deep understanding and confidence to ensure your perspective stays that way in the future. 

And most importantly, whilst we go on this journey together, we will HAVE FUN DOING IT! 

What we'll cover

Destress With Meditation

The first thing we'll do is get back to balance. It's impossible to get any clarity in a state of stress and anxiety. You'll learn a specific meditation technique that's simple and effective. 

Life & Career Audit

We'll take a deep dive into core values and your life purpose. This work requires complete honest selection so that we can develop greater self-awareness around your mission and purpose.

Overcoming Obstacles

Pinpoint what's really getting in the way from living the life of your dreams. We'll go to the root of what's keeping you stuck and create an approach to get you in the flow.

Planning & Action

Equipped with the right strategies and approach, you'll take tangible steps that'll lead you toward your goals in your career AND life. It's not just about doing the work, but taking correct action.

How does it work?

Over the course of 8 weeks you'll get:

  • 30-Minute Kick-off call

  • 8 60-Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Video Modules

  • Unlimited text & email support

Who's this Program for?

This program is for you if...​

  • You're feeling stuck, stressed or anxious, and not enjoying your current role

  • You're unsure of what you really want to do in life

  • You want to learn effective strategies and approaches to navigate through your career and life

  • You want to learn tools to help manage stress & anxiety

  • You're ready to take responsibility and ownership over your life

  • You want to enjoy your career!

This program is NOT for you if...​

  • You want an easy and quick fix to life's complexity without working on yourself

  • You won't take responsibility, you want others to do the work for you

  • You're not interested in considering new perspectives and ways of seeing things

  • You don't want to change your approach

  • You want a personal recruiter to find you your dream job

  • You want someone to hold you accountable and make you do the work

  • You're content where you are

If you think Career Mindset Coaching is right for you, here's the next step.

If you're ready to experience a real shift in the way you relate to your career, then take a moment to fill out an application. 

If I think we're a good fit I will contact you regarding the next steps!

Looking forward to hearing more about you. And remember, you can get everything you want in life, it just might take a different approach.

Be well,


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