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Coherence Meditation 101 Program Overview:

  • Learn the foundational skills of meditation so that you feel confident in maintaining a consistent meditation practice.

  • Identify daily stressors and anxious thoughts and shift how you relate to them.

  • Understand and take ownership of your mindset and learn techniques to help you shift into a more resilient state of mind.

  • Feel at home in your mind and get excited about pursuing the things that you actually want.​ 

  • Eliminate negative self-talk and the inner critic that's been holding you back from true fulfillment. 

  • Recognize bad habits that are not productive for your personal growth and evolution. 

  • Integrate stress reduction techniques into your daily routine to continue growing long after the program has ended

What's included?

Live Sessions: This program includes 6 live workshops! You don't just sign up, get a download, and hope to one day finish it. Get your questions answered directly and meditate with a community.

Personal Coaching Calls:  Meditation is about you and your experience. This program includes 2 personal coaching calls so that you can get direct feedback about your practice and make progress faster.

Facebook Group: Join the Stress Management with Meditation Facebook Group to help you build your meditation momentum and continue to deepen your practice long after the program has ended. 



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